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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Through surgery, the shape of the nose can be improved as well as nasal obstruction can be relieved. By adding rib graft to the dorsum (top surface), depressed appearance can be corrected. Wide nasal tip can be narrowed to give an improved appearance. Crooked and deviated noses can also be corrected to give a better appearance.

Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Surgery)

The enlarged male chest giving a feminine appearane can be a considerable source of embarrassment. Through surgery, the chest contour can be greatly improved to restore a person's self confidence. There are generally 3 grades - mild, moderate and severe protrusion.

Surgical options include Liposuction alone, Liposuction open excision and open excision alone.

Breast Surgery

Heavy breasts (gigantomastia, macromastia) are a common problem in a significant number of women.
Apart from the discomfort of heavy breasts,they cause chronic pain in the lower neck and shoulders, especially towards the evenings. There is also the obvious social inconvenience, together with the difficulty of finding appropriate clothing. They also often result in fungal infections on the undersurface of the breast, associated with persistent itching.

  • • Non-operative methods have little proven benefit, as breast enlargement results from complex interplay between genetic factors and hormonal influences.
    • The main-stay is Breast Reduction Surgery (B.R.S.). A number of different techniques exist , but all aim to eventually reduce the breast weight and volume to match the patient's desires, while keeping scarring to a minimum. The nipple 's position is changed to a more central and natural appearing one, while the areola diameter is simultaneously reduced. This ultimately results in smaller and younger-looking breasts, ridding the patient of all the issues associated with big breasts. There is sufficient breast tissue to allow breastfeeding in the future, for those planning to conceive later.
    • This is a very safe procedure, and when performed well, will result in a pleasing appearance, while ridding the patient of the problem of heavy breasts.

Tattoo Removal

People often get tattoos to remember a person/a moment for the rest of their lives. Given the unpredictable nature of life, these very same tattoos can turn into the last reminder of a painful chapter that one wants to close off as soon as possible.

Tattoo removal through LASERS is time consuming, with multiple sessions. Tattoo removal through surgery ensures complete removal in one go, with an acceptable scar.

Scar Revision

Scars are a natural consequence of healing of traumatic/surgery wounds that can be unsightly, itchy or painful.

These scars can be surgically removed and the resulting wounds carefully re-approximated to ensure healing takes place in a near ideal situation, and the resulting scars appearing finer and less prominent.